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DS-Interpretation, Inc. is a proud Sponsor of the North American Summits on Interpreting

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Key Personnel

Naomi W. Bowman, Executive Vice PresidentNaomi W. Bowman, President
B.A. International Affairs, University of Colorado
M.A.(with Distinction) International Relations, University of Southern California London Centre for International Relations, London, England.

Naomi has over 25 years of experience in the field and is now President of DS-Interpretation after serving as Vice President since 1991. She is known industry-wide for her skills in interpreter organizing, managing large-scale events and contracts, and helping to set the highest standards in the industry. She lived in Europe for 9 years and currently telecommutes from her home-base in Colorado.

E-mail: nwb@ds-interpretation.com

William H. (Bill) Wood, PresidentWilliam H. (Bill) Wood, CEO
B.A. Philosophy, Reed College

Bill founded Design Specialists in 1972 and has a reputation as an expert in the field -- he has designed leading edge technology for simultaneous interpreting, developed training labs and designed superior sound-isolation booths. Bill holds significant patents in equipment design and key switching technology for the emerging field of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation.

In 2012 he won the prestigious Interpret America Lifetime Service Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Interpretation. His passion is helping the world to communicate and connect through the technology of simultaneous interpretation.

E-mail: BillWood@ds-interpretation.com

Technical Team

Our team of technicians consists of a group of highly professional and experienced audio engineers. Most are qualified as A1 level audio engineers and all are Room Diagram - Click to enlarge trained in simultaneous interpretation. They come from varied backgrounds in music, industrial and commercial theater and television production and all have traveled extensively. Their broad range of experience coupled with special training for simultaneous interpretation provides our clients with a uniquely professional approach and the highest level of service and expertise. (top)